There are more expressions of whisk(e)y coming out every year than can possibly be explored by one person. Couple this with the fact that taste is a subjective exploration of one’s awareness, history, senses, and culture and you have the perfect reason for this blog! Join me, a college professor by day and a whisky writer by night. It is my hope that this website that I can bring value to the readers, and myself, creating a chronicle of my tastings and experiences with the fine beverage that is whisk(e)y.

As a poet, and connoisseur with a limited budget, value will play a big role in my selection of spirits. Exploring whiskies under $100 with the occasional celebratory limited edition bottling under $200 I will hopefully provide a good sense of the growing category that is world whisk(e)y. I welcome all feedback, criticism, and disagreements equally. As I said, the idea of taste is subjective and varies throughout time and space.

My rating system:

  1. The descriptive words are the most important portion of each blog – appearance, nose, palate, finish, and verdict.

Followed by the numerical value:

90-100 – These are whiskies that I highly recommend buying – they have transported me fully to a place of new awareness and quality.

85-89 – These are whiskies that I thoroughly enjoyed and feel are excellent representations of their respective styles.

80-84 – These are whiskies that bring unique flavors & awareness to the table – I recommend trying these before you buy them, but they are certainly important touchstones on your exploration.

75-79 – These whiskies that are good, but which contain one or two flaws that might work as barriers to certain aficionado’s.

70-74– These are whiskies with one or more major flaws – an incredibly unsavory/bitter aftertaste, over-oaked, lightness without redeeming qualities, or a soapy quality all fall into this category. However, the whisky itself might not present in the same way to everyone so I have found at least one redeeming quality that means I will likely return to this in the future to confirm it wasn’t just an off bottling or sample.

60-69 – These are whiskies to avoid at all costs. I will only put whiskies in this category if I believe they are not worth your time or money.

Notes on Community

As always please do your research. I highly encourage you to compare what I say here with others. If you agree with my assessments than this is a great resource to keep coming back to and I welcome you to The Whisky Writer community. However, as I also do on regular basis, utilize other blog-based sources, check out the periodicals, and YouTube reviews.

The most important thing about whisky for me is that there is an entire team of people with good intentions working diligently to bring us quality. So for me, my job as the whisky writer is to approach whiskies honestly, with an open-mind. To bring my language and taste to bear on the fine beverage that is whisky, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, & world expressions.

With all that said, pour a dram, glass, tipple, tumbler, or cocktail. And join me this journey from amber grain to glass! Cheers!